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Saturday, 22 Jul 2017




*Stand-Alone DVR,H.264 Compression 
*High quality video Display : NTSC (720x480), PAL (704x576) real time display
*Multiple Recording/ Search Categories: Date/Time, Event, Manual, Schedule, alarm, motion detection
*Real time recording support: 120 Fps for NTSC at CIF image
(100 Fps for PAL) 30 Fps for NTSC at D1 image (25 Fps for PAL) 
*8 channel Video recording at the same time
*Pentaplex: Live, Record, Playback, Back-up and Network at the same time
*Backup: CD-RW (Option: DVD-RW), USB 2.0 and NET backup supported
*PTZ camera control in local and remote area
*E-mail notification
*3G support
*With multi-languages menu

Network Viewer:

*Static, Dynamic IP and DDNS , Support Internet Explorer and special client software
*Remote Live Monitoring, file searching, Backup, Playback and
PTZ camera control (for DSL Connection Only)
*Remote Configuration, Firmware Upgrade and Event (Alarm, Motion) Notification 
*Full duplex two way audio transmission

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